Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Days of School

 Last Wednesday, Gavin had his first day at his new preschool.  He transitioned to a school closer to our home and I am very, very happy to report that he loves and enjoys his new school.
Because he started 1/2 days the week before "real" school started, the big brothers got to walk him into class and see where he would be.  Owen was so tender with him -- talking to him about his "big boy school" as they walked down the hallway.  Owen helped him get his backpack in his cubby and get his day started, while Liam looked on.  Cue the waterworks for momma.

 Then, yesterday, Owen and Liam started first grade and Kindergarten.  They met their teachers last week and decided together that it would be more fun to ride the bus to school on the first day than to have momma trailing behind them with a camera.  LOL  So, my first day pictures of them are getting on the bus.  It blows my mind that these two, who can be so nervous about some things, can be so extremely brave about other things.

I am not a morning person.  This summer, the boys were often up before I was.  Sunday night at dinner, Liam suggested that I go on and make their lunches in case I wasn't awake yet when the bus arrived.  That way he and Owen could grab their lunches and head on to school.  LOL  I assured him that I would not be missing his first morning of school.  Or any of them for that matter.  So funny, though.

He must have been so worried about being late that he couldn't sleep well.  I had gotten the boys alarm clocks as a "back to school" gift.  Liam practiced with his Sunday morning.  Sunday evening, we set it to an earlier time for the school day.  So, Monday morning, he woke on his own before the alarm went off, grabbed his clock, and came to our room to sleep until it went off.  He did not want to miss the bus.
 This guy is so excited to be starting school!  Look at that sweet kinder smile.
 Daddy Q stayed home Monday morning to watch the boys get on the bus.  This picture captures how they felt about the day -- Owen a little nervous and Liam a lot excited.
 I got a pic with my two little Leopards.
 As the bus started coming down the road, Liam surprised me by turning and running to me for a super big hug.  He did the same thing this morning.  I think this will be my favorite part of them riding the bus vs. the car pool line.  I get to hug them before they go, whereas in car pool they just open the car door and are on their way...
 Oh, the excitement!!
 And, just like that, the big yellow bus swallowed my small boys and took them to their first day of school.
Both boys had successful days.  Owen and our neighbor, Audrey, walked Liam to the Kindergarten pod and then went on to their class.  Owen loved, loved, loved his class and his teacher.  His favorite part of first grade is having a locker.  Liam was so excited about the whole experience; but, said his favorite part of the day was PE.  He thought the day was pretty long and he missed his momma, which made him cry a couple of times.  But, he was very excited about going back.  So, I consider that a success.

Here's to a fun, exciting, and busy 2014-15 school year!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I can hardley keep up.

We sure are busy around here!  I have some fun snaps to share! 
Liam is still taking hockey lessons.  He loves it.  One of the skills he is working on his jumping off the ice with both feet up in the air.  The coach does it first, then the boys take a try.  Gavin thinks it's really cool, too.  He isn't up for trying it on the ice ... but, he is working on that big jump in the house...
Owen got a pair of roller skates recently and already skates all over the place.  He lets Liam borrow them sometimes, too.
 Owen is still a Rainbow Loom fan.  He likes to find tutorials on You Tube and create them himself and/or with my help.
 While Owen is at school, Liam and Gavin are two peas in a pod.  Their friendship has really developed this year while it's been just the two of them home a couple days a week.  Earlier this week, my superheros took the roller coaster outside and had a blast!

 Owen decided to put his beloved Khaki up in his closet so that he can, hopefully, stop sucking on his fingers while he goes to sleep.  What a grown up thing to do.  He picked a special box at the Container Store for it, decorated the box, and then took a few last snuggles with Khaki before we folded it and put it away.  He did great without it!  Well...for one night.  On April 23rd, khaki was back in bed with him.  LOL  Sweet boy.

 Liam had his Pre-K graduation cap & gown portraits today.  I really wanted him to wear his purple bow tie and he agreed.  But, we had to compromise on the shoes.  He thought the purple LaBrons were the best pick.  I let him wear them since he donned the bow tie for me.  It was quite a look.

These boys move so fast and are growing like weeds.  I can hardly keep up.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Happenings

I am just not so great about posting here anymore.  I am sorry, family and friends.  I put so much on Facebook that the  blog has become quite secondary.  But, for those of you not on Facebook... here are a few recent pictures.
For Spring Break, we traveled to San Antonio.  We had an amazing time at the Hill Country Hyatt and enjoyed a couple days at Sea World where we met up with some friends.  We knew 5 families that vacationed in the area -- made for lots of fun.

Liam is becoming a soccer BEAST.  A few pics from his game tonight.  He prefers to play defense like his Daddy always did, but, he can score a mean goal when he wants.  I think he has about 7 this season.  Not bad for a kid that used to spend the whole game crying.

 Owen's Kindergarten program was tonight.  He did not want to do it.  So, boy was I surprised to find him on the front row center and one of the first kids to do a special part.  I guess his teacher is right -- he is way more confident at school than he lets on to me at home.

will try to post more here.  Sorry for the slag.

Sarah Q

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gavin's Very First Soccer Game

Since Owen and Liam decided to both play soccer this Spring, Gavin has been asking about "his team".  While in an indoor soccer place this week, I saw a registration sign and asked.  Found out the season start was only two days away and that there was 1 spot left on a 3 year old team.  Guess it was meant to be.  We signed Gavers up and he is now number 6 on the Angry Birds ;-) 
We met 15 minutes before the game to introduce Gavin to his Coach.  He was a happy, happy boy and just hit the field running.
 warming up before the game.

 a pep talk from Coach and a reminder of which goal to score in and which to defend.
and...they are off.  Go Gavin Go!
Gavin broke away from the pack and headed to the goal.

One of his 5 goals for the game -- he scored 3 in the right goal and 2 in the other team's goal.
After the game, Gavers said "I just love my team!!"

So much fun!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Owen's 6th Party was a BLAST!

Owen's 6th birthday was last weekend and his space-themed party was a blast -- literally.  Lots of fire and fun was had ;-)
Mad Science came and performed some really neat experiments for the boys, including a rocket launch and a hover-craft ride.  So fun!!!  Here are some pictures from the party!.
Birthday Table
 Owen had definite ideas on what his cake should look like -- we nailed it and he was happy, happy!
The guest of honor waiting on his friends.

The playroom was decorated with planets we made from paper lanterns and with silver stars!! 

 Brave volunteers....  Owen wasn't one of them so he got to pick which kiddo went up to help the Mad Scientist.

After all of the fire was out upstairs we went outside for a rocket launch....

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....BLAST OFF!!!  Rocket launched and got lost in the woods.

 Then we venture to the front for a hover-craft ride.

 Last, but not least, we came in for chicken nuggets, fruit, and BIRTHDAY CAKE!
 Make a wish, baby boy!

Owen loved his new globe, Grammie & Pa.
 Owen enjoying the sea of wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gifts.
 Me and my six year old.

Happy Birthday, Owen Michael!